Proposition d'AliosNos références en éoliennes

31 December 2018




In recent years, ALIOS Ingénierie has built up considerable experience in the field of wind power by contributing to hundreds of foundation surveys for wind farms in France.

To facilitate these surveys, ALIOS Ingénierie decided to bring engineers and technicians working on surveys, recommendations, and monitoring construction together in the same department, irrespective of their geographical location.

Thanks to their expertise and the development of new techniques that enable them to constantly update their know-how, they are capable of proposing perfectly-adapted, reliable solutions that are also environmentally-friendly.

This mass of data and experience have led ALIOS Ingénierie to broaden their scope of action and expertise to the construction of land-based photovoltaic power generation.

With a network covering the whole of France and all the human and technical resources necessary to complete our assignments efficiently, ALIOS Ingénierie is the indispensable partner for successful projects.

ALIOS Ingénierie has the OPQIBI qualification (1001 and 1002), a label awarded to leading engineering firms with unanimously recognised professional expertise.

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Proposition d'AliosNos références en éoliennes