Proposition d'AliosNos références en éoliennes

31 December 2018




To ensure perfect completion of your project, ALIOS Ingénierie offer the following services:

- on-site surveys : our field teams carry out pressure surveys, take core and other samples, record the drilling of destructive boreholes, make geological and hydrological measurements, etc., to study the soils under the site where your machines are to be installed.

- laboratory testing : all site samples are analysed in our laboratories.

- geotechnical feasibility studies and advice : our specialist engineers analyse the survey results, interpret them, and prepare a geotechnical report to optimize the type of foundation for your installation.

- implementation studies : these propose static and dynamic sizing parameters adapted to each type of installation.

- monitoring throughout installation and geotechnical supervision : ALIOS Ingénierie provide geotechnical follow-up with the various firms involved in the project during the construction phase.

Proposition d'AliosNos références en éoliennes